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Runner's Toolbox

As a runner with daughters also into athletics, I'm always having to work out pace, lap times, predicted finish times and so on. I thought it would be a nice challenge during lockdown to create a phone friendly mobile website with a bunch of utilities that could be useful.

Running JavaScript C#

Chester Marathon

It's my 40th this year so for my mid-life crisis I decided I'd run a marathon for the first time (as you do), so I entered Chester Marathon. Can't be that hard right, just eight and a half parkrun's?


Navigate Home

Having recently installed iOS 6, I thought I’d try the new navigation features. Ok Siri, “navigate home”. After a few seconds, the response was “I couldn’t find an address for Chris Weedall – home”. That's not right...


Your system is too old

I’m posting this because I had trouble installing KODAK Home Center software on Windows XP, and my Google-foo failed to find an answer. Perhaps this will help someone else…


Changing a bulb

Renault in their infinite wisdom; no doubt as part of the drive to make cars a “black box” that only the magicians at the garage can understand, decided that changing a headlight bulb should not be a simple task. There should be no opening of the bonnet and simply replacing the bulb. There should instead be a test of willpower and perseverance.


Creating mazes

Being a developer I can’t help thinking there must be a way to programmatically generate these based on some parameters. Sure enough, solutions already exist, but this is a puzzle I’d like to solve on my own.


Infinite scrolling with an ASP.net webform, jQuery, and a little bit of code

Infinite scrolling presents your content as one long page – as you read (scroll) toward the bottom of the content some more loads in below automatically (and hopefully seamlessly). This allows your site visitor to focus on content without being distracted by enforced navigation concepts such as paging. It also means you only serve as much content as the user wants to see, which is especially useful in today’s increasingly mobile world.

C# JavaScript

iOS5 installation

Whilst trying to update my daughter’s iPod 4 to iOS5 I had the following error:

An error occured while backing up this iPod(-5000). Would you like to continue to update this iPod? 

Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPod.


Website revamp

My old weedall.com website hasn’t been updated since 2005 (!), so I’ve moved everything onto my WordPress blog. Once I can figure out how to upload zip files I’ll provide download links to my old QBasic games, just in case anyone wants to give them a try.


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