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Runner's Toolbox

As a runner with daughters also into athletics, I'm always having to work out pace, lap times, predicted finish times and so on. I thought it would be a nice challenge during lockdown to create a phone friendly mobile website with a bunch of utilities that could be useful. So far I've added:

  • Split calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • Pace chart
  • KM to miles conversion (pace and distance)
  • Pace to time estimate

The Split calculator and Stopwatch can work together, so you can transfer the suggested splits into the Stopwatch and it will then tell you if you are ahead or behind your required pace. Of course you can also use it as a plain stopwatch. The pace chart lets you pick different columns to compare, miles to km, km to 3k or 5k finish time, and so on. Pace to time estimate lets you put in a pace and pick a race distance, and it tells you what time you would finish if you ran the whole race at that pace.

Some screenshots:

Split calculator
Pace chart


From a technology point of view this is an "empty" MVC app with no logic just controllers. The calculations are mostly JavaScript but I've used some Razor in the views, for example to render the pick lists and the pace chart. I may recreate this as a Progressive Web App, but as there is no server side processing I'm not sure there is much point, though it would let me make it "installable" on the home screen for a full screen experience.

You can find the beta of Runner's Toolbox here, it works best on a phone. I'll be adding new features as I think of them.

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